Our Professional Cleaners provide meticulous, 5-star quality cleaning and presentation. Attention to the smallest of details is what sets us apart. It’s a difference you’ll not only see, but also feel! We'll leave your home organized, sparkling and beautiful. We don’t just hit autopilot and push a broom… Island Executive Cleaning Specialists take care and attention when tackling every nook and cranny, cleaning to meticulous 5-star standard. Regular cleaning includes:

  • Washing and vacuuming floors
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning with effective, yet gentle products, including Young Living's Thieves Cleaner 
  • Dusting of every surface
  • It’s all in the details!  Pillows are plumped, towels are arranged and we even do toilet paper points!

Extra WOW factors we can add to your regular cleans

  • Sorting, washing, folding and putting away laundry
  • Changing bedding
  • Deep cleaning and organizing of cupboards and closets
  • Decluttering
  • Cleaning windows, ovens, fridges




Office Cleaning

Our Professional Cleaners will clean your office with the same attention to detail, as your home. 

A clean office can actually boost productivity! Cleanliness improves mood and in turn, encourages your employees to work hard. Here are some of the major ways a clean workspace and increase productivity.

Sick days can cost lost productivity and revenue, according to a new report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. An office that is cleaned on a regular basis can help cut down on your employees’ sick days by offering a healthy, germ-free space to work in. A clean office means fewer people going home sick.